Corporate Round Table

A Message From Corporate Round Table Chair Derrick Clay

Derrick Clay

As members of the Corporate Round Table, we recognize, value and encourage strong relationships between our government leaders in the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus that is grounded in the tenets of service to Ohio’s citizens.  In addressing 21st century challenges, both the public and private sectors must work together to find solutions with common sensibilities, creativity and more importantly personal investment.

This body understands the importance of education as fundamental to all aspects of life.  It is with great pride that we choose to invest in the academic success of our next generation’s leaders in government and business.

Our belief in and support of the work of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus further represents the best of what a sound marriage between smart policy and smart business can offer Ohio.

Legislators and business leaders maintain shared interests and responsibilities in growing our economy, creating good payig jobs and developing well educated competitive working communities.

Through our collective commitment, our state will benefit from its ability to take advantage of progressive opportunities ahead and explore new ways of enriching the lives of Ohioans.


Mission Statement :

To facilitate the meaningful exchange of information around public policy issues between Ohio’s corporate community and members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus.

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Corporate Round Table is a collaborative think tank of members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, businesses, associations, non-profit organizations and other members of Ohio’s corporate community. The Round Table was constituted for the purpose of providing a forum for education and the exploration of public policy issues, particularly as they relate to the African American community.

The Round Table’s goals include:

  • Serving as a mechanism for the dissemination of information on various topics, such as Business and Finance, Education, Health and Human Services, Insurance, Law and Justice, Telecommunications and Energy and Transportation and Environment
  • Acting as an educational resource for members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus
  • Providing a forum to discuss today’s most pressing social issues for the purpose of developing meaningful and progressive public policy.