Labor Round Table

The Labor Round Table membership consists of the OLBC members, labor unions, associations and other members of Ohio’s labor community.

Annual membership dues are used to fund the efforts and initiatives of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Foundation.

OLBC Foundation events include the African American Legislator’s Day Luncheon and a bi-annual convention that brings together local, state, and national leaders to dialogue and educate attendees about current public policy and social issues.


  • The OLBC Labor Round Table fosters the exchange of ideas on topics such as education; business; environment; health and human service issues; telecommunications; energy; and workforce development.
  • The Labor Round Table serves as a mechanism for the dissemination of information on various public policy issues and topics.
  • The Labor Round Table provides as an educational resource for OLBC members and helps them formulate progressive public policy.


Mission Statement:

The Labor Round Table (LRT) was established to provide members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus (OLBC) and Ohio’s labor community an opportunity to work together to improve the overall well being of African Americans and the state as a whole.