Sylvester D. Patton, Jr.

Board Member

Sylvester D. Patton Jr., a lifelong resident of the city of Youngstown, has been a community activist, a family man and a political reformer in the neighborhoods of Youngstown. After attending South High School and Youngstown State University, Mr. Patton began his professional career at Ohio Edison as a meter reader. After many years, his work ethic and dedication earned him the position of state representative for the 60th House District of Ohio. A real life success story, Syl, as he is known to his friends and family, has won over a community to which he has dedicated his life.

He has held numerous appointments in Mahoning County, Vice President of the Family Services Agency; the Youngstown Board of Education Strategic Planning Commission; and the 911 Advisory Board, which brought a badly needed 911 service to Mahoning County. Mr. Patton was also appointed chairman of the Governor's Commission on African American Males, recognized with The Black Knights Police Association Award, and the Youngstown/Warren Chamber of Commerce Political Achievement Award.

His dedication and devotion to the community has resulted in many friendships across the county and state of Ohio. These friends, along both business and labor representatives joined in support of Patton in his bid for appointment to the 64th District Ohio House seat. Patton adhered to a strong moral and ethical code and his dedication and commitment paid off. On November 3, 1998, over 71% of the citizens of the 64th House District communicated their trust in him when he was elected as the 64th House District state representative. Mr. Patton continued to receive the majority support as an elected official for the next six consecutive years.

During his tenure as a state representative, Patton introduced House Bill 133, a bill created to equalize the penalties between crack cocaine and powdered cocaine sentencing; House Bill 46, legislation that would increase gun safety and protect the children of Ohio; House Bill 237 to increase the penalty for illegal distribution of cigarettes or other tobacco products to minors; and HCR 8, which changed a portion of Black American History by granting the Black Brigade Civil War heroes, a joint resolution recognizing their bravery during the Civil War. In the 126th General Assembly he introduced House Bill 238 which will designate the month of May as "Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.” Also, while serving as a state representative, Mr. Patton and the Ohio Legislature officially designated September 22nd as Emancipation Day in Ohio.

Mr. Patton has served in an elected position as member of the board of the Credit Union of Ohio since 2003. For the majority of his tenure on the board, he has competently served as treasurer.

Mr. Patton continued his public service in February 2007 with an appointment as a member to the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission. In March 2009 Mr. Patton was named chairman of the Review Commission.  Mr. Patton was reappointed in 2013, this term will expired in 2019.

He lives on Youngstown's Southside with his wife, Juanell. He is the proud father of two sons, Sylvester III and Marcus and has two grandchildren.